Activities For The 5 Skills

Click the images on the infographics for selected example activities for each skill of English.

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Previously here, we outlined and presented 5 infographics detailing core activities for the skills of English (we believe “watching” to be a 5th skill.

Now, we’ve updated it. Find each infographic “hyperlinked” - just click the activity icon/name and go view a sample activity for that activity type.

Also, on each infographic, there is a play button. Click it to view at length and in detail a post about all the core activities included on the infographic.

We hope this will help teachers find activities for each skill. We’ll continue tis year to help you find what you need in the lesson library - we promise!

Also, remember that you can click any tag in the lesson resource description, to get more similar activity examples.

Happy teaching and learning.


The 5 Skills Of English Infographics + Activities
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