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Free Stuff We Offer

Here is a run down of the many free things we offer to teachers. Many you probably weren't aware of ...

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ELT Buzz rose out of the huge online community EFL Classroom 2.0 of the pre-Facebook days. It was a giant community, almost 700,000 members but alas, you can’t fight against a huge wave like FB or Twitter.

We now focus on producing quality content for teachers now that the conversation has moved to other places on the web. Teachers can subscribe at an incredible discount on what' they’d pay for other lesson libraries. However, we also offer a lot of free stuff for teachers - much you might not be aware of.

Here is a run down and handy reference of what’s free.

  1. Resources. First and foremost, our free materials in our lesson library. Also, all our professional development resources are totally free to download, use, alter, share, remix, copy - you name it. We also have hundreds of free materials on TpTs, if you use that.

  2. Video. ELT Buzz Video makes it easy for teachers to find video. It’s free to surf and watch all videos in dozens of handy categories. We highlight the best videos out there for ELTers. Also, see our weekly news review to help teachers bring current events into their classrooms.

  3. YouTube. We just relaunched our YouTube channel. It’s totally free to access all our video content for learners and teachers. We will be uploading new content daily so subscribe and help support our content creation. Lots of great stuff on the channel!

  4. Prompts. We have a full webpage with prompt generators to use on a screen, any device and prompt students to use language (spoken or written). Browse all the categories, click and use for hours of instant prompts.

  5. News. Directory. Every week we send out a newsletter informing teachers of the best articles and news related to English language teaching. Our directory is free to use and has hundreds of categories for instant information on any topic related to English language teaching.

  6. Blogs. Professional Development. We run a few great blogs with constantly updated info. for teachers about the teaching profession. See our older Teacher Talk. Also, our online magazine for general articles about education. Also our main Education blog. Also, it is a lot of work but so rewarding - we run the largest professional development group for ELT on LinkedIn - ELT Professionals. Check us out, join the conversation!

  7. Project Peace. We ran a huge international project where teachers and their students produced videos to support peace in the world. See the results and get resources related to teaching songs of peace in your classroom.

  8. Teaching Recipes. Short, basic recipes for teaching. Instant ideas to inspire teachers and their classroom cooking!

There are probably other things we are missing, we’ll update this post for sure.

A big thank you for being part of our community and wishing everyone the greatest of teaching years in 2023!

Teacher Founder, chief buzzer.

ELT Buzz Teaching Resources
ELT Buzz Teaching Resources
David Deubelbeiss